How Effective Is Responsive Web Designing?

Web Designing has recently emerged as one of the most rewarding categories of freelance work. You can master the art of coding a webpage by following some good tutorials available online. It is undoubtedly a skill which asks for excellent coding efficiency and creativity in graphic designs. With the evolution of high speed internet access web designers have more opportunities to include complex designs and content on a web page.What is Responsive Web Designing – A typical web page is built out of HTML codes wrapped inside Division tags. For starters these are basic building materials of any web page. Responsive web designing simply put is a web designing technique where resulting page is independent of the screen size on which it is viewed. For example, the website will look just as normal if you browse to it on your PC or mobile phone or a tablet. A responsive web design will respond to the width of your browser. At no point of time while surfing will you ever need to scroll horizontally, that’s what responsive web designing is all about.Why is it so important? Responsive web designing is important in today’s time due to increase in types of electronic devices which can be used for internet access. A web site which is designed and optimized only for desktop PC is likely to lose business if end users are using mobile phones to check it. Likewise if a website is optimized only for small screens it will look awkward and probably be rejected if viewed upon a large screen. Responsive designing not only brings more user friendliness to your website but also ensures that users do not miss out on any feature that you have on offer. This helps in better conversion and hence more business and profit from your online venture. Responsive designing also opens new horizons for web developers to create more complex and realistic web pages.Other Benefits include – · Complete utilization of screen real estate.· Flexible layout to include multimedia content.· Faster loading of webpages converts to more happy visitors.· Auto scalable images.If you own a website which is more than 7 years old, it was probably built using a static table type in fixed design. I strongly suggest you to upgrade to a responsive frame. You can check the responsiveness of your website by simply dragging the corners of you browser, if your website does not respond to increase or decrease in width, it’s time to upgrade.

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