The Importance of Electronic Manufacturing Services

You probably have a cell phone in your pocket, or somewhere close by. Think about how you feel when you accidentally leave it at home. You tap your pocket, instantly aware that something isn’t right and the realization is made – “I forgot my phone.” However, imagine a world where that phone might not exist. It takes a lot to make a phone, but without electronic manufacturing services – none of it would be possible.Electronic manufacturing services, otherwise known by the acronym EMS are one of the most critical industrial processes in existence when it comes to getting you the products you’ve grown to rely on every day.When surface mount technology came into existence, it enabled for electronic components to be mounted onto the surface of printed circuit boards, or PCB’s. This eventually made manufacturers capable of rapidly assembling electronics, making them widely available for the general public. For example, when you interact with your computer an electrical charge is sent from one point another using the copper pathways (or traces) laid into the surface of the printed circuit board, providing a completed circuit. When a charge is sent along that circuit, it typically interact with the parts of the circuit board that do the actual work, such as a diode, microchip, or switch.While printed circuit boards are not the end all be all of electrical connection, they surely make a great deal possible, allowing for smaller devices, miniature components, and much smaller space requirements. Before PCB’s were the standard, a standard electronic device like a television was powered not by a circuit board but by a mess of cables all individually connected to a power supply. So while we might have some of the things we do know, picture a far more antiquated version. Your mobile phone would not fit in your pocket, it would fit in a briefcase and your television would not neatly mount on your wall, it would require a 4 foot deep entertainment center.You might be wondering where electronic manufacturing services come into the mix, and the answer is very early. After the printed circuit board is manufactured, the EMS provider is responsible for an extremely wide variety of services ranging from basic circuit board assembly and electromechanical assembly to surface mounting, flex circuit assembly, testing, and more. These are the types of operations that add the guts to printed circuit boards, giving them the capability to actually do something more than pass an electrical charge from one point to another. With EMS, providers are capable of quickly and efficiently putting together and testing these assemblies so people like us can have our ultra portable and high performance electronics. Or, thought of from another perspective, EMS is also used to assemble the electronic components for aerospace, military, and defense applications – putting missiles reliably in the sky and rockets successfully into orbit. If you thought not having a mobile phone was bad, think about how a lack of effective electronic manufacturing would impact an organization like the department of defense.Without electronic manufacturing services it would be a very different world indeed, so next time you pick up your phone or peak inside your computer – think about how monumentally far we’ve come.

How Effective Is Responsive Web Designing?

Web Designing has recently emerged as one of the most rewarding categories of freelance work. You can master the art of coding a webpage by following some good tutorials available online. It is undoubtedly a skill which asks for excellent coding efficiency and creativity in graphic designs. With the evolution of high speed internet access web designers have more opportunities to include complex designs and content on a web page.What is Responsive Web Designing – A typical web page is built out of HTML codes wrapped inside Division tags. For starters these are basic building materials of any web page. Responsive web designing simply put is a web designing technique where resulting page is independent of the screen size on which it is viewed. For example, the website will look just as normal if you browse to it on your PC or mobile phone or a tablet. A responsive web design will respond to the width of your browser. At no point of time while surfing will you ever need to scroll horizontally, that’s what responsive web designing is all about.Why is it so important? Responsive web designing is important in today’s time due to increase in types of electronic devices which can be used for internet access. A web site which is designed and optimized only for desktop PC is likely to lose business if end users are using mobile phones to check it. Likewise if a website is optimized only for small screens it will look awkward and probably be rejected if viewed upon a large screen. Responsive designing not only brings more user friendliness to your website but also ensures that users do not miss out on any feature that you have on offer. This helps in better conversion and hence more business and profit from your online venture. Responsive designing also opens new horizons for web developers to create more complex and realistic web pages.Other Benefits include – · Complete utilization of screen real estate.· Flexible layout to include multimedia content.· Faster loading of webpages converts to more happy visitors.· Auto scalable images.If you own a website which is more than 7 years old, it was probably built using a static table type in fixed design. I strongly suggest you to upgrade to a responsive frame. You can check the responsiveness of your website by simply dragging the corners of you browser, if your website does not respond to increase or decrease in width, it’s time to upgrade.

Managing Asthma Effectively

If you have asthma, managing it is an important part of your life. Controlling your asthma means staying away from things that bother your airways and taking medicines as directed by your doctor. If you have asthma, it is important to learn how to take care of yourself.MAKE AN ACTION PLAN WITH YOUR DOCTORIt is important that you work with your doctor to make an action plan that you are both happy with. As part of this, you will need to:* Tell your doctor about all other medications and drugs you are taking, in case one of them affects your asthma.* Follow your asthma action plan and have regular checkups.* Learn to use your medication correctly. Ask your doctor to teach you how to use your inhaler. This is very important. If inhalers are not used correctly, less medication gets into the airways.* If you are having problems taking your asthma medicine, seek your doctor’s advice immediately.IDENTIFY YOUR ASTHMA TRIGGERSYou also need to learn to identify and avoid the things that can worsen or trigger your asthma symptoms.* If animal dander is a problem for you, keep your pet out of the house and/or at least out of your bedroom and wash your pet often – or even find it a new home.* Do not smoke or allow smoking in your home.* If pollen is a problem for you, stay indoors with the air conditioner on when the pollen count is high.* To control dust mites, wash your sheets, blankets, pillows, and stuffed toys once a week in hot water. You can get special dust proof covers for your mattress and pillows.* To prevent colds and flu, wash your hands often and get a flu shot every year. Children with asthma should get flu shots, too.* If cold air bothers you, wear a scarf over your mouth and nose in the winter.* If you get asthma when you exercise or do routine physical activities like climbing stairs, work with your doctor to find ways to be active without having asthma symptoms. Physical activity is important.* If you are allergic to sulphites, avoid foods (like dried fruit) or beverages (like wine) that contain them. For example, sodium metabisulphite (E220-227) may also trigger asthma, but not via an allergic reaction. It can be found in wine, home-brewed beer, fizzy drinks, prepared meats and prepared salads.* Do not allow smoking indoors unless there is a room reserved for smokers and which has a separate ventilation system to exhaust smoke outside. Never allow smoking around anyone with asthma.* Try to keep humidity levels in the home between 30 and 50 percent. High humidity can promote growth of biological agents that may trigger asthma episodes. Use exhaust fans or open windows in the kitchen or bathroom areas when cooking, using the dishwasher, or taking showers. Make sure clothes dryers are vented to the outdoors, and use a dehumidifier in the basement if necessary.* Avoid using humidifiers. If it cannot be avoided, clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Refill it daily with fresh water to prevent the growth of harmful microbes.* Minimize exposure to combustion particles and gases that can cause breathing difficulties for people with asthma. Have combustion-powered furnaces, stoves, or heaters checked yearly to make sure they are operating properly. Change furnace filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or every month or two during periods of use. Consider installing higher efficiency filters to reduce the number of particles in the air. Never use a gas stove to heat the home, and always use the exhaust fan when cooking on a gas stove.* Avoid sprays like deodorants, perfumes, or air fresheners, odours from paint, and strong smelling cleaners may start a child’s asthma attack.* Keep the house clean to reduce allergens like microscopic dust mites, pollen, and animal dander. Use an allergen-proof comforter and encase mattresses and box springs in vinyl covers. Wash bedding frequently in hot (130°F) water. Avoid furnishings that collect dust.MONITOR YOUR ASTHMAIf your asthma is not under control, there will be signs that you should not ignore. The following are some signs that your asthma is getting worse:* Your asthma symptoms happen more often.* Your asthma symptoms are worse than they used to be.* Your asthma symptoms are bothering you a lot at night and making you lose sleep.* You are missing school or work because of your asthma.* Your peak flow number is low or varies a lot from morning to evening.* Your asthma medications do not seem to be working very well anymore.* You have to use your short-acting “quick relief” or “rescue” inhaler more often. (Using quick relief medicine every day, or using more than one inhaler a month is too much)* You have to go to the emergency room or doctor because of an asthma attack.* You end up in the hospital because of your asthma.If your asthma seems to be getting worse, see your doctor. You may need to change your medication or take other actions to get your asthma under control.

Vaudeville – An American Theatre Entertainment

The period from the end of the Civil War to 1920 was a dynamic time of change in the United States. It was influenced by massive European immigration and major population shifts amongst the various regions of the country. One of these major shifts was a vast migration from rural farming communities to urban centers. City populations exploded during this time. In fact, during this fifty year period, the nation’s city dwelling population increased from less than ten million to more than fifty million people – a remarkable 500% increase in population. All manner of working people benefited from an increase in personal income and leisure time that city life offered. Tourism in America suddenly became available to masses of people, annual vacations became the norm, and city dwellers even began reducing their work day – as compared to their rural counterparts. With all this extra free time, inexpensive amusements of all types appealed to growing numbers of people -rich and poor alike.Live entertainment gained traction in the late nineteenth century and reached a peak of popularity in the first decade of the twentieth. During this fifty-year period, the popularity of minstrel shows declined in popularity due to the growing success success of variety and vaudeville theater. This show format offered an ever-increasing diversity of popular entertainment to the masses. Burlesque shows developed into full fledged theatrical shows and amusement parks of the era drew huge crowds both for the rides and the revolving array of vaudeville theater shows they presented. For example, Coney Island attracted over 20 million visitors in 1909. (To give you an idea how large that number is, when it is adjusted for population growth, it represents more than the total combined attendance of both Disneyland and Disney World in 1989.) Entertainment of all sorts flourished during this renaissance period and the United States was awash in circuses, world’s fairs, nightclubs, ballparks, traveling theatrical road shows and more. And from this explosion, the cinema was born.Vaudeville featured materials that demonstrate the diverse forms of theater that dominated the growing entertainment world in the United States during this period. In fact variety theater drew larger audiences than the “legitimate” theater which presented classical performances. The appeal of the vaudeville shows was that it worked hard to attract all classes of people from every cultural background rather than performances that were targeted to the cultured upper crust only. They succeeded in this task by offering a wide variety of program in each show as well as low admission prices.To make the shows successful to the greatest audience possible, the vaudeville theater concentrated on action and caricature entertainment using humor with broad and sometimes vulgar appeal to titillate the audience while at the same time trying to threat the fine line that also kept it respectable entertainment. Even pure burlesque shows tried to thread this knot by billing themselves as “vaudeville” entertainment and using the same theaters that had respectable performances.Of all the types of vaudeville theatre, comedy was the most popular and most transportable entertainment to more modern venues. In fact, comedians often migrated from minstrel and vaudeville shows direct to radio and eventually television with the same sorts of jokes and skits they used on stage. Some famous transition comedians include Bob Hope, George Burns, and Milton Berle.The vaudeville theater period of America offered a variety of amusements: comedy, musical skits, novelty acts, stage magic, musical comedy, slapstick and stage spectacles. Variety theater drew from several distinct genres, including vaudeville, burlesque, minstrel shows, spectacles, extravaganzas, musical revue, and musical comedy. It represents a very part of American entertainment history that provided the genesis for many modern entertainment’s.