Choosing the Right Web Directory: Think Before You Submit

One of the best ways to build backlinks is by submitting your website to a web directory. You can easily find many directories on the internet. However, not all of them are trustworthy or reliable enough, and not all of them suit your needs. Below are several things that you have to consider before choosing a web directory:- Page Rank mattersThe higher the ranking, the better. No matter how attractive the web directory looks, if it is a PRO site, you will not get as much traffic as you want. A high-ranking web directory also determines the quality of your website; hence it is better than other directories with lower PR level.- Free vs. paid web directoriesThis topic is quite controversial among SEO practitioners. Some of them think that people should be allowed to submit their site for free. On the other hand, others seem to have no problem with this matter because some paid web directories often offer better services. While a good price might cost you around $10, the majority of web directories require you to pay as much as $40 for life time submission.- Automatic vs. manual submissionAutomatic submission indeed works faster than manual submission. The only problem with it is that search engine bots will tend to consider your link as a spam or link farm and it may get your site banned or removed from search engines. On the other hand, manual submission takes time but it is safer.- Human editorsWhether your choice of directory is a free or paid one, make sure it has human editors. A web directory that uses human editors usually has strict quality control which ensures each member of the directory is screened for quality.- SEO friendlyAs SEO is also another way of building link popularity, submitting your website to an SEO friendly directory is very important. This way, you get to promote your link with two of the most effective link building methods out there.- NicheMake sure you submit your website to the most appropriate category or niche on the directory’s list. This is important both for you and your potential customers. Submitting inappropriate links can be said as spamming and you do not want to do that. Furthermore, check the particular niche’s PR prior to submitting your link. If the niche has zero PR level, then you should not choose it.

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